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Below is a screenshot from one of our affiliates accounts (Screenshot taken on 15 December 2008)

Below is screenshot of the sales over a 4 month period, made from another affiliate account

Below is a screenshot from our publisher account (Screenshot taken on 20 June 2009)

  • Great customer service to customers - We do our best to promptly address customers questions, issues and concerns. This results in more sales, and less refund requests.
  • Large, unsaturated market - The electric car market is virtually untapped which means there are a huge amount of sales to be made.

    Compare the low amount of competition in the electric car market to the extreme competition in markets like weight loss and make money.

    It's only logical that electric cars are a much easier market to break into as an affiliate.

  • Growing market - There is already a big demand for electric cars and the demand is only going to keep growing as more and more people are becoming concerned about the environment, and sick of the rising gas prices.
  • Low affiliate competition - Affiliates are joining daily, but there is still a ton of sales you can make every day. By getting in early you'll be earning the big dollars and beating the crowd of affiliates that will undoubtedly join up once they realize the sales they can make.
  • Affiliate support - If you have a question or suggestion, we are always willing to answer them, and take suggestions on board. When we first put the sales page together, with the advice of affiliates we made modifications to ensure our page looked good, and to ensure we achieved greater sales.

    As you will notice, we have a wide range of affiliate tools for you to use.


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This is a great product for people, that are interested in/or looking at information related to :

- Electric cars
- Saving Gas/Improving Gas Mileage
- Cars/autos in general
- Saving/helping the environment


More and more affiliates are jumping on board promoting Electricity4Gas every day. Check out cb analytics to see our rising number of affiliates.

Here's How to Get Started Fast!

You must have a ClickBank affiliate 'nickname' ID.

Clickbank is the company that runs our affiliate program. Clickbank is an independent and trusted third-party company that processes payments from customers, and ensures you are paid your commissions.

You can get a FREE ClickBank affiliate 'nickname' ID in less than 60 seconds just by clicking here now (When you click the link, a new page will open.) On the sign up page, you will need to choose an affiliate nickname and fill out your name and contact details, so Clickbank can send you your commission check.


Once you have a ClickBank 'nickname' ID you are ready to begin promoting Electricity4Gas.

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so as to ensure you get your well-deserved commissions!


Do not SPAM (ie. send unsolicited emails) Anyone that uses unsolicted sources to promote this site, we DO NOT want you promoting us.

We will take any steps necessary to ensure your Clickbank account is closed and you are permanently banned from Clickbank, if you promote our site by sending unwanted emails to people, or any other non-legitimate ways of attracting visitors to the site.

Do NOT use/purchase bulk email traffic to promote electricity4gas.com We Do NOT want it. It won't make you any sales, and it gets our site accused of spamming.


Promotional tools you can use:


Sample Pay Per Click Ads / Text Links & Keywords


Landing Page

Instead of just directly linking to Electricity4Gas, when using ppc advertising or any type of promotion, when you create a landing page and review Electricity4Gas, it will put more trust into the visitor/potential customer, and make them more likely to buy.

We have created a landing page, you may wish to use.

Preview Landing page 1

Use this link to download the landing page files (in ZIP format)

(When editing the landing page, make sure you insert your affiliate nickname in the links.)


We highly recommend you set up a review page to ensure you maximise sales. Our research has proven that giving a review/writing your opinion on Electricity4Gas has resulted in more sales compared to just directly linking.

Sample review - A review one of our affiliate uses to promote Electricity4Gas


Autoresponder/ Email Newsletter

If you use email marketing or want to set up an auto responder series from your website, we have a 4 day email series you can use.

Use this link to download Day 1 (in text format)

Use this link to download Day 2 (in text format)

Use this link to download Day 3 (in text format)

Use this link to download Day 4 (in text format)

Just a reminder to edit the electricity4gas.com link with your clickbank id inserted. As long as you are using the email series to promote Electricity4Gas, you can edit the text of the series however you like.


Write articles to generate visitors for Electricity4Gas

Write articles about saving the environment, saving gas, and about electric cars, and ensure you attach a link to Electricity4Gas (with your clickbank id in it) to the article.

The link below, is to a page, that shows you how to generate heaps of free visitors and sales, when you write articles.



Google + water car products tip

You may notice other electric car sites recommending you replace your run your car with water ads with electric car material.

Our testing has shown that this is not profitable. If you are going to do it, we recommend you only spend a small amount on pay per click advertising (and test first to see what results you get)

If you can get it to work, that's great! We are just reporting the statistics we personally found. We don't want you to spend your advertising budget on methods that don't work.